The Importance of Communication in a Changing World


Logan Lewis is currently the Director of Sales for the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana. He also is a Louisiana Tech graduate with a degree in Speech Communication. Before he transferred to Tech, he attended Anderson College in South Carolina to pursue a music major. He says he transferred after he realized opera and music teaching wasn’t for him. Once at Louisiana Tech, he says he chose Speech Communication because of his strengths in public speaking and speech writing.

Independence Bowl

Learning Communication Skills Early

Logan’s first job out of college was working for a family owned company called Pinch Flatbed, where he was an Account Executive. He landed the job two months after graduating from Tech and moved to Houston to start his professional career. He spent two years at the company, working in Houston and southern Louisiana. On the job, he said he managed three day drivers and three night drivers on a regular work day. He also said he spent a good amount of time cultivating business relationships in southern Louisiana in cities such as Lafayette, Morgan City, and Houma. Even at his first job, Logan learned some key business and communication skills that he could use for the rest of his career.

Communication on the Job

At Logan’s current job in Shreveport, there are many different communication methods that are used with various different people. When asked what was the most common type of communication on the job, he said “Email and face to face. I text a lot too.” He also has a lot of writing responsibilities on the job as well. Things such as sales plans, marketing plans, sponsor proposals, and foundation membership formal letters and correspondence. It is obvious that communication is an important part of his job and that he uses it in many different forms. He also has some unique ways of communicating on the job externally and internally. They use an app called WhatsApp to communicate to other members of the company and just started using snapchat to communicate to their customers and potential customers. These new methods of communicating have changed how he does his job day in and day out. He says they are spending much more on digital advertising, whether it is pushing out ads on Facebook and Instagram or posting on twitter of players and coaches that have recently played in their stadium. Social media is a huge piece of what he does now.

Communication Struggles on the Job

When asked what the hardest part about his job was, he said “Externally, that would be fighting criticism. Internally, it would be fighting for change.”. To Logan, Shreveport-Bossier city can be a negative place at times and the bowl not having its story told properly really makes his job more difficult. The main issue is that the people who are in charge of him, whom is the executive committee, board, and extended leaders, are all business leaders around the community who volunteer their time. Unfortunately for Logan, he is constantly trying to keep up with the times and says that the people he works with have been doing the same thing since they started working there and are not always keen on keeping up with the changing world around them.


Final Thoughts

After my interview, I really learned a lot of interesting career and life advice that could apply to just about anyone. The point he made that stood out to me the most was his viewpoint on how technology changed his job. He said, “It has certainly taken away off-time. No longer do we get the luxury of leaving work at your desk at 5 pm on Friday, not to be thought of until Monday morning.”. This is something we could all learn from.

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Technical Communication in Sports Management


Technical Communication in Sports Management

Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy Robinson – Director of BlackStar Sports

Jeremy Robinson is a former professional golfer on the PGA European Tour with an Economics degree from Florida State University; since retiring from professional sport he has worked in the sports and event management sector, currently as a Director for BlackStar Sports which specializes in Golf. His work involves managing more than a dozen golfers who play on tours all over the globe as well BlackStar promoting events themselves. It requires much knowledge in the professional game along with being able to build successful relationships with potential sponsors.

The Path to Sports Management

In 2004, after Jeremy had finished his 15th year as a playing professional and after a number of injuries, he felt it was the right time to explore other avenues. Although it was not playing, he was always keen to stay involved with golf and sport in some shape or form. An opportunity came up with a sports management company, Sports Masters International, so he decided to go down that route.

Communication in Sports Management

Communication can sometimes be difficult in Sports Management. In specific, with a potential new sponsor or continuing the support with current sponsors. Not everyone is the same, all with different scenarios and different characters so the ability to be able to adapt depending on the different party is very important. This makes communication skills in this sector extremely important.

Oral Communication

Oral communication skills need to be on first hand with Sports Management. Not so much with player management, but with event management it is important. When talking to corporate sponsors who are not all at a high level of golf performance themselves, it is important to make the point that investing in golf tournaments and players is a great way form of advertisement as well as other goof things that comes with golf sponsorship.

Cross Culture Communication

Jeremy indicated that he often does business with people that do not use English as their first language. However, everything in the sports management world is communicated in English so he does not have a problem. This is because golf is predominantly a western game. Since English is the most popular language, in order to succeed in the golf business, knowing English is a necessity.

Technical Communication

For the first time this year, BlackStar sports promoted their own professional golf tournament part of the PGA European Challenge Tour called the Bridgestone Challenge. Jeremy had many different legal contracts to put in place for the event to go ahead. Due to this being the very first event they promoted, some of the contracts were too complex for Jeremy to complete on his own, so he had to involve lawyers to help him complete these tasks.

Also with player management, Jeremy has to always be up-to-date with the latest in social media so he can present his players well to their various followers

Technical Communication Development

With the advancement of Twitter and Instagram, it has become much easier for Jeremy to promote his players. He often tweets how the players finish in tournaments, and tags the various sponsors involved with that particular player to keep them in the loop with their play. He sometimes tweets a link to various news pages on his website also. This helps the viewing figures of the website increase substantially due to the fact BlackStar has around 1,500 followers on twitter.

He kept re-iterating that, social media is the key aspect in this business. With the way modern technology is going, if the company uses effective social media, it can often lead to being one step ahead of other competitors.


Ben Robinson, Louisiana Tech Finance Student