Technical Communications in the Telecommunications Industry




(Dr. Amy Heitzmann with her son Logan)

I was staring at my phone, because I knew right when the clock turned two, I was going to get an important phone call. Sure enough, like clockwork, I was getting a call from the great Dr. Amy Heitzmann. She is the reason many are able to read this blog, perhaps you too. She provides the service for her customers to utilize the internet and talk on the phone. I was very excited to get her thoughts and experience on technical communications in the telecommunications industry.

About Dr. Heitzmann

Dr. Amy Heitzmann is from Leo Indiana. She has three wonderful children Logan (20), Grace (13), and Olivia (9). She works full-time as a Senior Network Engineer for Frontier Communications (formerly Verison) in Fort Wayne Indiana. She has been employed with Frontier for nearly 18 years. She adjunct teach at one of the local colleges as needed. She likes having the opportunity to communicate and interact with the younger generation as they look to enter the work force.

The Path From Business to Engineering

She began her career with a Bachelor’s of Business from the University of Saint Francis and accepted a full-time internship with Frontier. They encouraged her to accept a position as an administrator in the engineer group, which opened the door for her to work her way up to now a Senior Network Engineer. Being able to speak face to face is an important part of her daily job.”I love being able to be in the field interacting with customers and fellow co-workers, while still balancing the office work required. This job offers me a variety of experiences each and every day,” stated Dr. Heitzmann.


The Importance of Written Communication

She writes a good amount on a daily basis ranging from emails, documents, and proposals required within her job. Being able to provide correct information to protect and secure the network from damages is very important to her work. She double checks her emails to make sure she has not included anything that customer/co-workers might misunderstand. “Being able to communication clearly and effectively can be the difference in a successful or struggling employee. There are some situations where it is critical that conversations are documented in writing,” explained Dr. Heitzmann.

Overcoming Challenges of Communication

The market place is extremely global, which can cause many different issues in communicating. Many different factors play a role in this challenge, ranging from time zone differences, language barriers, and differences in cultural. Whenever possible, she tries to meet with co-workers and customers face to face. If time zones are a problem, she adapt to their timeframe.


When she first started in her career, she was nervous to talk to people who had more authority than her or individuals of the opposite sex. “Someone is always going to have something to say about you, but if you are forthcoming and honest your best foot is usually ahead,” Dr. Heitzmann advised.

Dr. Heitzmann’s Communication Preference

“To this day, I believe being able to communicate face to face verbally is the best form because it relieves some of the challenges that can be associated with written communication, social media, and texting,” stated Dr. Heitzmann. She believes communicating face to face allows some of the misunderstandings that can occur with other means of communication to be eliminated. So much is lost in texting and emotions can be misunderstood completely.

Words of Wisdom

Dr. Heitzmann added at the end of the interview:

“I think all situations are different and you have to learn to adjust to a variety of settings in the work force.  It will not always be easy and sometimes you will be frustrated beyond means, but you have to learn to control your emotions and march forward.”

Arthessius Hampton, Guest Blogger


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