Communication in the Insurance Agency


Bart Dugsdale: Insurance Underwriter

Bart Dugsdales Background

Bart Dugsdale is a Louisiana Tech University graduate with a degree in finance and a masters in accounting.  He worked for six years as a certified public accountant, two years as a Chief Financial Officer, and now he is in the excess and surplus lines wholesale insurance business.  He has had multiple different jobs, and he said that his background in finance has really helped him throughout his career.  Bart Dugsdale works for Mc Intyre & Associates Inc. here in Ruston, Louisiana.  Bart is a manager in his company, but his main title in the workplace is an insurance underwriter.  His company writes wholesale insurance to other smaller retail insurance agencies.

Verbal Communication

Although Bart emails a lot in the insurance business it is especially important to keep a paper trail.  Bart said, “Verbal communication is essential to be able to communicate complex insurance questions.”  Verbal communication is used daily because he is a manager of individuals in the office.  He communicates verbally in many ways whether he is in meetings or one on one with his employees.  Verbal communication is the only form of communication in which emotion can be conveyed.  Dugsdale states, “Electronic communication is good for stating facts, but when a topic needs to be explained verbal communication should be used.”  He uses text, email, and schedules meetings almost every day, and he probably emails between one hundred and two hundred times a day.  Due to the amount of emails sent out each day, Bart uses writing everyday to send out multiple emails.

Written Communication in Insurance

Writing is very important in Dugsdale job due to the amount of communication in his field.  Bart writes everyday no matter the situation; at the end of the day it is guaranteed that he has written at least one email.  He explains, “Well written emails can mean less verbal explanations which require more time.”  Saving time is a big factor in the workplace, so it is good to have good communication skills.  Bart mainly communicates with employees, retail insurance agents, and other business professionals.  They do not communicate with the public in his line of insurance.  Dugsdale stated, “Communication is the top factor for achieving their goals in their business.”  Without communication they would not be able to distribute wholesale insurance to retail insurance agents.

Types of Communication in Wholesale Insurance

The most common form of communication for Bart in the insurance agency is over text or email.  Bart communicates with close business partners through text, but he meets with clients in person to discuss options among insurance packages.  Although text and email are most common for close business partners Bart meets with clients one on one weekly.  The majority of communication happens in his office over the phone or computer, but he meets with clients over lunch, on the golf course, or at a coffee shop.  Bart communicates with clients, partners, and employees each day to make sure their agency is moving in the right direction.  Without communication they would not have a business.  Bart commented, “In my opinion listening is the biggest key to being a good communicator.”  Being able to listen to clients allows him to understand the needs and desires which creates good communication between him and his clients.

Timothy Jordan, Guest Blogger


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