Effective Communication as a Personal Trainer


Keaira Musgrove: Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness

Keaira Nicole Musgrove is a recent graduate of the Louisiana Tech Kinesiology program where she received a B.S. in Clinical Kinesiology. She has a burning passion for health and wellness and demonstrates such passion daily in her workplace.  After her graduation ceremony, she earned her CPT (certified personal trainer), where she encourages and inspires individuals who are looking to make a positive change through exercise.  Talking with Keaira about her daily routine as a personal trainer, you can undoubtedly see the hunger within that drives her to help others better themselves.

Finding her Niche

At the beginning of her stay at Louisiana Tech, she started to become more and more interested in the world of fitness/exercise.  She attributes this largely to the professors in the Louisiana Tech Kinesiology Program because of the passion they brought every day.

“The Szymanskis, both David and Jessica, were my main mentors in my journey to Personal Training.  In Jessica Szymanskis 416 class she had us prepare case studies for high risk individuals who needed an appropriate workout plan.  David Szymanskis 418 class had us perform and demonstrate complex exercises to further our understanding of how to teach others specific exercises.  The kinesiology program for Louisiana Tech provided me with the knowledge to write workout plans and how to demonstrate exercises effectively  and efficiently for my clients.  Without this experience, transitioning into Personal Training would have not been so smooth.”   – Keaira Musgrove.


Daily Routine as a PT

It’s been almost a year since Keaira began personal training and she still faces similar tests she met on her first day.  Preparing fun, challenging, and feasible workout plans for her several clients daily is difficult task.  Keaira’s approach she uses to write workouts is to list every single exercise she can think of and see which exercises fit best with each client.

“When the client is able to perform just about every exercise with no restraints or pain, that makes my life very easy.  However, when a client is high risk it restricts our options of exercises to choose from.” – Keaira Musgrove.

In order for her to train a new client, they must fill out a few forms so I can gauge their level of fitness/health.  One form that really helps her get a feel for her client is the PAR-Q ( Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire).  It provides background information, medical history etc.

Communicating as a PT

Keaira admits that most of the communication that she does is verbal with her clients. That being said, building a positive relationship with each individual is the most important factor in order to create a positive view within the individual about fitness.

“Getting to know each individual on a personal level and making them feel comfortable is extremely important because most of my clients are usually very uncertain in a gym setting.  Encouraging and motivating my clients to do things they never thought possible, is what puts a smile on a face everyday.” – Keaira Musgrove.

She keeps a log of what she did each session and tracks the progress of each individual.  Keaira loves to show her clients the development they made over a period of time because it allows the client to see visual progress and that their effort is paying off.


Effective communication is why Keaira succeeds as a Personal Trainer.  She is diligent when writing workout plans, genuinely passionate about helping others and personally interested in each of her clients.  My interview with Keaira gave me a much better understanding of what it takes to be successful as a Personal Trainer.

Dolan Dunigan, Guest Blogger


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