Technical Communication within Health Information Management


Jessica Johnson, client service supervisor

As I started doing the research on this particular assignment, I actually came to the realization that I didn’t know anyone in the health informatics field that I am pursuing other than my teachers, so I took a chance and decided to go to the local hospital (Willis Knighton-South) in Shreveport, Louisiana where I made my way to the Health Information Management department and learned that I in fact did know a few people that worked there.

So I narrowed my search to Jessica Johnson, a client service supervisor that works for an outsourcing company called CIOX, which does the releasing of information for Willis Knighton Hospital.

Jessica Johnson graduated from Louisiana Tech University receiving her Bachelors in HIM and later graduated from Louisiana State University receiving her Masters of Health Administration. She has been working for CIOX for about five years. She has two types of employees that she oversees which are production employees and front desk employees. The production employees deal with the legal, insurance, and disability audits whereas front desk deal mainly with the doctor’s office, which both have a turnaround processing rate of 15 days.

It was funny when I asked her what did she like most about working for the company and she stated the interaction with the patients and employees. She said the customer service, which in turn, I stated seems to be a major part of the communication process with dealing with her co-workers or teammates as she calls them. She like the fact that it’s a continual learning experience, the idea of job security and its flexibility.

When it comes to communication in the workplace what do you feel is the most important concept? By maintaining a sense of professionalism I am able to be responsible for resolving issues for both employees and patients. Being able to communicate and more importantly listen to the needs of both employee and patient is not only a rewarding task it’s definitely fulfilling because you are able to accomplish a task. Customer service plays an important within communication because to be able to verbally speak with someone requires a certain factors that have to be taken into consideration such as eye contact, personality, perception, interactions and experience. There are relationships that need to be established such as the way a team member will be able to communicate to a patient and the way a patient’s capacity to follow through with medical recommendations.

But with the advancement of technology within the healthcare setting and the way that now everything has to be electronically based the communication barrier is more technical as related to emails, texts and videos within the workplace.

Health communication is vital to the way our society views health practices. These processes make up for the way people understand and use health information, such as supporting shared decision-making between patients and providers, building social support networks, delivering accurate and accessible information, facilitating the meaningful use and exchange of health information providing new opportunities to connect with culturally diverse populations.


Why is healthcare and communication important for HIT (Health Information Technology)?

  • improve healthcare quality and safety
  • Increase efficiency and delivery of service
  • Support care in the community and at home
  • Facilitate clinical and consumer decision making
  • Build health skills and knowledge

All in all communication plays an important role within every aspect of our lives but in the health information field it has many advantages that will be suitable for both patients and employees that in the long run will definitely make a difference in how we view our health.

LaKeishia Taylor, guest blogger 


References (Health Communication and Health information Technology)


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