A Love for Helping Others


 A group of trainers

Charles Densmore started off as just an average gym patron working out with his buddies trying to improve himself both physically and mentally. He found that when he trained his friends that it was something he felt a real passion for doing. He switched his major from Engineering to Kinesiology to reflect his new found aspirations. The more he learned, the more he found that things he learned in the gym, referred to as “bro-science”, were false information and most of it could lead to potential injuries. His better understanding of how the body functioned gave him a huge advantage when explaining exercises and perscribing fixes to form or muscular imbalances. After acquiring his degree, he started working with clients almost immediately.

Behaviors Expected of a Trainer

When dealing with the public you must be extremely patient and caring especially in a gym type setting. These people put their trust in you to not hurt them so you must do your best not to let them down. You need to be able to sympathize with issues they are dealing with but also push them further than they thought possible.

Things Every Trainer Must Know

It is extremely important to know your exercises, form/techniques, alternatives to exercises and what muscles are being worked. Knowing your exercises and their form/techniques is essential because you need to know the correct positioning of the body when doing the exercise so you keep you client out of harms ways such as keeping a straight back when deadlifting to prevent slipping a disc in the spine. Some clients are unable to perform an exercise due to strength levels, injuries, flexibility issues or disabilities. A good trainer knows alternative exercises that are still just as effective at working the target area. This is where knowing what muscle(s) are worked during an exercise movement.

Feelings Toward the Profession

For me, working with people is one of the greatest things one can do. To see a smile on someone’s face once they finish a set of reps they never thought they could do or a lift they thought impossible for them. People come from all walks of life; young, old, healthy, physically or mentally handicapped. They all have a different character that you get to experience and each one has a different story to tell. No two people are the same and that fascinates me. The determination some of these people express is motivating not only to myself but to other gym patrons that are watching. They make you want to be better.

Opinions of the Field

This kind of work is not for everyone. I see trainers up at the gym I train at paying more attention to their phones or their friends than with their client. Your whole undivided attention should be with the client. You can chat afterwards once their session is complete. They paid for a professional’s services not someone trying to beat their high score on Fruit Ninja.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you truly want to help people because you will be day-in and day-out with some clients. Loving what you do, whether it be training people or providing some other service, is key in succeeding in life. If you enjoy what you do, then waking up every morning will not feel like chore and you will await every day because what you do makes you happy.


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