Lindsey Carswell and The Importance Of Effective Communication


When I was asked to interview a working professional in my field of study, Lindsey Carswell was the name that first came to mind. Lindsey is a Health Information and Informatics Management graduate from Louisiana Tech. Since graduating from Louisiana Tech, Lindsey has gone on to receive a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Louisiana State University in Shreveport. Lindsey and I have known each other for years and she is actually the person who encouraged me to pursue my career in Health Information and Informatics Management. Lindsey is the office manager for Legacy Outpatient Therapy and Legacy Rehabilitation where one of her many responsibilities is to hire new people. When Lindsey interviews someone for a job, she says she looks for “organization, experience, but most importantly- how well they communicate with me.”

image                      Lindsey Carswell, RHIA, MA

I have always wondered throughout my college career how much information I learn will I actually take with me into a real job situation. In our line of study, we are taught that effective communication one of the most important parts of our job. Lindsey confirmed that communication is most important by explaining to me that communication in her words is “super important” in the work place. Without effective communication, no one knows what is going on therefore the workplace is very chaotic. Being the office manager of eighty full time employees and one hundred PRN (as needed) employees, she is responsible for them all. Lindsey says that not only does she expect effective communication from them, but she requires it.

With Legacy Outpatient Therapy and Legacy Rehabilitation having multiple offices, Lindsey works at the Corporate office in Ruston, Louisiana. Although she is based in Ruston, she is required to communicate with all offices. She says that she communicates mostly through email and text messaging, which is one part of Lindsey’s job requires a lot of technical communication. When I asked Lindsey about of technical communication in her career, she joked and said, “My career revolves around technical communication.” She is constantly working on her computer, dealing with insurance companies and billing patients. Lindsey says that technical communication is extremely important to her, because she it is often very difficult for her to stop what she is doing to answer a phone. She claims that technical communication is far more effective for her than oral communication, because she feels that she can get more things accomplished via technical communication.

Although Lindsey is a big supporter of technical communication, she also recognizes the importance of oral communication. With Legacy being a Therapy and Rehabilitation center, they see a wide variety of patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics as well as some blind patients. Lindsey must be able to communicate with all patients, which often requires having to orally communicate with those patients. When Lindsey communicates with these patients she is required to once again, effectively communicate.

Throughout my interview with Lindsey, she kept on stressing the importance of effective communication. Throughout my entire college career, Lindsey has given me and endless amount of advice in Health Information and Informatics Management. Lindsey is always giving me advice on the technical things of Health Information and Informatics Management, but within this interview she provided me with some of the best actual career advice. Lindsey says that, “an effective communicator will go very far in their career” and I am excited to take that piece of advice with me as I get ready to graduate and become a Health Information and Informatics Professional.

Cassidy Maddox, guest blogger


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