Communication is the Only Way for Copes


Psychology is such a wide subject choosing just one specification can be very difficult. As a Psychology major, I know the struggle all too well. For my research, I decided to interview someone in my career path whom I have gotten to know very well over the years: Mrs. Joanna F. Copes.1442645669488-jpg_w185

I attended the school at which she was and still is the guidance counselor. With me being very involved in the school activities and academics we met quite a few times during my junior and senior year of high school. The dedication she has to her students, their educations, and to their future was inspiring. The dedication I received from her in an effort to help me further reach and meet all my goals throughout high school helped motivate me even more, to follow in her footsteps in the Psychology field.

Mrs. Joanna Copes is the Junior and senior counselor at Bossier High School. Mrs.  Copes has attended school at LSUS, BPCC, and she even attended here at Louisiana Tech. During her time at these various universities she majored in Undergraduate: Elementary and Special Education, Graduate: Guidance and Counseling. Mrs. Copes chose this career path because she loved working with students and she also had friends who were in Special Education growing up and she wanted to know how to best help them. Her love of children didn’t stop there because she then went on to become a counselor. She became a counselor so that she could work with students to help them plan out their future and meet their goals which led to her being at Bossier High today.

When asked about how communication is incorporated in her place of work she said, “Every hour there is some form of written communication in my job. From email and letters as well as text messaging and actual note taking, I use written communication all the time.” Communication is a large part of her workplace and would make the job nearly impossible to do without. Communication is important because it is the core of her job. As a counselor, she must use communication to help students succeed, make plans for their future, talk with parents so that they can help students improve their academics or even be warned when things are happening. Communication through many means is important especially now. Email, text, and actual phone conversations are used daily. Working in a school Intercom communication is also used. In this career path, a lack of communication can cause lots of problems.

Psychology while being a wide subject includes technical communication in every specification and aspect of Psychology. Whether it be Guidance and Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, or Educational and Developmental Psychology, etc. they all use communication as a key part in their daily careers. Verbal communication is used in patient advisor dialogue and in the different colleague to colleague dialogues. Verbal communication is the main form of communication used by Psychologist. However, written communication is also a very important factor in this career field. Mrs. Copes working as the junior and senior counselor is required to use written communication in order to contact the students and help them with preparations for graduation, college, and careers of their own. She also uses written communication in staff meetings, conferences, and various other school meetings.

Bossier High students are lucky to have such a dedicated and hard-working person on campus. Mrs. Copes’ personal relationship with why she chose to be a counselor and her dedication to helping students are the key reasons why she is the best person for the job.bossier-high-school-630x504


Jessica Miller, Guest Blogger


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